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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 25, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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ption colorado c m good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, september 25 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." while you were sleeping senator ted cruz spent all night arguing to defund obamacare. we'll ask fellow republican bob corker if there's room for compromise. white house and iran walked a fine line at u.n. does america think it will go anywhere? gas prices fall to lowest level in months. why and how long will it last? >> we begin with your eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> intend to speak until i'm no longer able to stand.
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>> cruz holds the senate floor in a protest of obamacare. >> occasionally yielding to questions. >> most would say china, but think again. the republicans support the bill passed. >> cruz even reading dr. seuss at his children's bedtime. >> i do notlike green eggs and ham. >> signs that diplomatic relationships may be beginning to sore both presidents. >> if we can solve the nuclear program, that can serve as a major step toward the relationship. >> three days of mourning in kenya. >> ashamed and defeated. >> a rising dealt toll after a earthquake in pakistan.
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>> this is the back of an interview. >> the dog bit the owner on the bum. >> all that. >> i guess this wasn't meant to be. >> when i first met bonno. he walked into the naval office. >> must be easy to make fun of. >> which was a bigger deal in your house? >> and all that matters. >> obama was like really? on "cbs this morning." >> today they spent the day dealing with this ben affleck as batman thing. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning."
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good morning norah. >> good morning to you charlie. we begin in washington as you you wake up in the west. lights on all light in the united states senate. ted cruz and colleagues have held the floor more than 19 hours. cruz wants the senate to follow the house and cut off fund for president barack obama 's health care law. >> the senate is expected to approve the bill to keep the government running without changing obamacare. nancy is following it on capitol hill. nancy, good morning to you. >> good morning charlie and norah. well this is now officially the fourth longest senate floor speech in history. it's still going. we believe senator cruz is going to try to speak until the senate holds the vote on funding the government in three hours or so. some republicans call hit courageous. others say it's pointless because their party does not have the votes to defund the president's health care law even though many would love to. >> the senator from texas. cruz took to the floor at 2:41
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p.m. eastern time ditching cowboy foots in favor of comfortable blak sneakers. >> i intend to speak until i'm no longer able to stand. >> reporter: the 42-year-old news senator from texas is passionate about the health kaer law. he has detailed concerns. >> it is forcing so many americans into part time work. >> parts of obamacare haven't kicked in yet. >> a handful of republicans have joined cruz on the floor. >> i want to thank you for having the courage to stand here and raise the concerns that i'm hearing all over my state. >> many senate republicans do not support cruz's efforts and fear republicans will get blamed if the government doesn't get fund in time. >> my own view is it would be advantage of our colleagues in the house to shorten the process. >> in a cbs news new york times poll, more than three quarters
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of americans, republicans and democrats say threatening the government shut down is not a way to negotiate. cruz insists it's democrats that are to blame. >> we should not shut down the government. i sincerely hope that senator reed and president barack obama do not choose to force a government shut down. simply to force obamacare on the american people. >> as the speech wound into the night, cruz did veer off topic once in a while. >> when your dad making pancakes, it's cool he can flip them and make them flip high in the air and catch them. >> at one point he read bedtime stories for his two daughters watching on cspan. >> i do not like green eggs and ham. i do not like them, sam i am. >> there's been debate over whether or not this is a true filibuster. snoir cruz can't truly hold up the vote expected to take place in hours. there's no debate about whether
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this is the true triumph over the will of the bladder. if he wants to take first place in the longest speech of all time, he'd have to speak until noon pacific time which will be difficult since the vote will take place. >> nancy, thank you. at the united nation president barack obama made the case to reboot with iran. the iranian president rouhani echo had the law for diplomacy. the two leader did say not meet leading some to think iran snubbed the white house. >> 22% in the new cbs poll expect relations so improve. on the president's handling with the relations over iran more disapprove. 44% to 39%. margaret is with us. good morning. >> good morning to you charlie and norah. the white house sees the best chance of diplomatic opening
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with iran in years. the obama administration will make nuclear negotiations a prime focus of next years in office. >> president barack obama acknowledged iranian president rouhani's recent pledge his country does not want to build a nuclear bomb but says u.s. wants concrete proof. >> i do believe if we can resolve the issue of the nuclear program, that can serve as a major step down a long road towards a relationship based on mutual interests and respect. >> president rouhani said he listened carefully to president barack obama 's speech and offered to immediately resort to talks about the nuclear program. >>. >>translator: iran seeks constructive engagement with other countries based on common respect and mutual interest and does not wish to increase
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tensions with united states. >> president rouhani lashed out about sanctions. that pressure may be the real reason iran is reaching out. they want them lifted. there were rumors the two might shake hands at is this lunch raising expectations of the highest level meeting since president carter met the iran leader in 1977. it didn't happen. the white house offered to have the two meet for a few minutes. iranians declined. a senior member of the obama administration said a brief encounter was too complicated with iranians to deal with at this point. late tuesday, president rouhani had this message to americans in an interview. >> i bring peace and friendship from iranians to americans.
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>> president barack obama told john kerry to take diplomatic lead on the negotiations. tomorrow the secretary of state will meet iranian counter parts, the highest level negotiation between u.s. and iran about the country's anuclear program. as you can imagine, there's skeptics on capitol hill and israel that say proceed cautiously. >> does the administration believe this is the beginning? >> in the words of an official they believe this is the best chance in years when you look at what came before rouhani. they're skeptical. they know who runs the country. >> the white house clearly left over the door for some sort of meeting at least a hand shake, chance encounter if you will that was going to be set up between president barack obama and the iranian president. was president barack obama snubbed? >> well the white house gestures towards domestic issues back in iran. rouhani is elected president and
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doesn't run the president. he can't do anything without permission on the moment the way the president of the united states could. it's also the shaking hands with the united states present is difficult. we'll see what happens thursday. >> thank you. with us from capitol hill, bob corker the out spoken voice on the president's foreign policy and budget. good morning. >> good morning charlie. >> how do you see this event in the united nations in which there was a snub or a failure to shake a hand and to move to perhaps a fascinating photo opp? >> charlie, it's hard to say. you and i may have had this kind of situation. i know norah has where you had a suitor overly aggressive. who knows what happens. i can tell you that there's no
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question that there wouldn't be an opportunity to even discuss diplomacy had we not enact in a bipartisan way sanctions on iran. we've had two rounds that had an impact. that's one of the reasons rouhani was elected. hopefully we can build off gains created through sanction that are act. ing -- are affecting the country in a big way. >> you believe there's real opportunity and we have to take him seriously in sense to see what they're prepared to do? >> charlie, i think you always have to hope diplomacy is going to work. at the same time you don't turn off sanctions we have in place. leave the pressure there. look, you know i do think we sent mixed signals into the region recently. i don't know how seriously people are taking these things right now.
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look, i think again we need to continue to solve this diplomatically. obviously the iranian ownership of nuclear weapons is unacceptable. we need to use every resource we have. we'll see if there's opportunity here. while his tone is different than we've had in the past his actions have been similar in the past to what we've seen. that is a continued building towards them having nuclear weapons. i think we need to use every resource we have. sanctions right now are our best asset to hopefully continue down this path. >> i want to turn now you to what's happening in the u.s. senate and what's happening within your own party. one of your colleagues, senator cruz, pulled an all nighter. it's not a filibuster. the fate of this is already already decided. are you you concerned about what your fellow senator is doing could hurt your party's chances of taking back the u.s. senate?
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it depends on the outcome. all of us are unified and hoping that obamacare will be delayed, defunded, that we can do something relative to the individual mandate and do something relative to the medical device tax. the tactics are deployed. >> is senator cruz's speech going to do anything to help delay that for a year which is what you're pushing for? >> we still have time. watching washington for all time you have nothing typically happens until the last minute. we'll see. i think the house is already as we know looking at sending something back that's a little different than a pure defunding. a delay on the mandate maybe dealing with ops. professional members and staff are dealt with differently than the rest of the country.
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i think there are numbers of things we might accomplish over the last week as long as we don't cause this to go beyond the time of government needing to be funded. >> senator, no one doubts senator cruz's opposition to obamacare and desire to defund it. some people are saying this is about personal ambition and being seen fighting for this because it serves his own presidential ambitions. >> you know i think it's best for all of us. people are here for different motivations. to try to ascertain what somebody's individual motivation is is probably not a good thing for me to do. i came here to try to help create our country move ahead to put in place good public policy. hopefully over the course of the next several days we'll have the opportunity. thank y'all so much. >> thank you senator. kenya begins the mourning
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period for victims of the nairobi mall siege. terrorists killed 67 people over four days. they claim many more are trapped in the rubble. security forces are searching for more victims this morning. charlie is at the scene in nairobi. good morning. >> reporter: there's a sense of relief now that the siege is m coming to an end. there's also a sense of shock. the fate of the hostages and horrors that took place inside the mall. >> flags are flying at half mass today as kenya begins three days of mourning for the victims of the massacre at west gate mall. details emerge about the final assault against the militants. what is clear this morning, none of the hostages made it out alive. this video showed actions that braved the assault and tried to
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prevent from becoming captive. authority apparently tried to negotiate. the al qaeda linkedists didn't respond. mill stants started executeing hostages and tossing them off the roof. in announcing the siege was over, the president said kenya staired down evil and triumphed. >> we have shamed and defeated our attackers. that part of our task has been completed while our multiagency security team. >> reporter: he said three floors in the mall collapsed and several bodies were buried beneath the rubble including terrorists and hostages. the sheer amount of fire power used in the four day siege have led kenyan investigators to chase leads. some attackers rented a shop in the mall the last three months sneaking in and stocking up on
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weapons and ammunition. kenya's president said intelligence reports suggested two or three americans may have been among the attackers. he has ordered examinations to determine the identities. >> reporter: 11 suspects arrested, five gunmen shot in the mall. presumably the rest were killed. the death toll is 61 and likely to double over the next few days as they're able to retrieve more bodies from the ball. >> charlie d'gata thanks. strong shakes this morning after the e magnitude 7.7. the death toll jumped to 271 this morning. hundreds are hurt thousands are homeless. communication is spotty. take a look at the true power of this quake. pakistan officials say it formed a island off the country's
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southern coast. the land mass is visible from shore, about 100 feet long and 60 feet high. incredible. i saw this video and couldn't believe a new island. it's the first investigation of its kind. federal officials are look where the airlines gave proper support to the families of victims after a crash landing. the disaster at san francisco airport claimed three lives in july. the south korea airline was supposed to post a public information number within hours of the crash. an automated number was posted and changed the number several times in the days after. it is time to ho you this morning's headlines. thelos angeles times says syrian president is disclosing locations of dozens of chemical weapon sites. it's the first step in complying with the plan by the united states and russia to wipe out the stock pile.
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for the first time price are reviewed for the health insurance exchange. the average premium for 27-year-old nonsmoker starts $167 a month. london times looks at the ceo of aig. the bonuses were compared to lynchings in the deep south. the tampa bay times says the obama administration wants a lawsuit by jill kelly thrown out, suing for invasion of privacy. someone leaked her name. cia looks at last night's chaos involving bobble head dolls, rivera who is retiring. they were supposed to go to the first 18,000 fans. they arrived late. fans got vouchers leading to long lines. thousands of fans missed the rest of the game. the enterprise says lynne
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cheney may have slammed a senator. she said "shut your plenty of wind around the bay area. a little breezy to start with but some gusty winds throughout the middle of the day and the afternoon especially out toward the golden gate there and along the coastline. nice and clear around the skies right now. looks like an area of low pressure passing just to our north. we'll stay on the dry side. but the winds will be kicking up outside. temperature-wise, lots of 70s in the valleys, 60s and 70s inside the bay and 60s and windy toward the coast. should be warmer with less wind down below tomorrow. warmer over the weekend. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by coffee-mate. coffee's perfect mate.
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they were down and almost out, but with the world watching, team usa roars back to life at the america's cup. >> we have never seen anything like this. >> how the americans are beating the odds and answering critics. >> most exciting day of all of our lives, and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else. science fiction could become science facts. scientists use laser to control the weather, how it could news is back on "cbs this morning" after
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald hi, everyone. good morning. 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. get you updated on some bay area headlines now. bart has released its plan if the unions go on strike october 11. according to the "mercury news," the transit agency is planning for more buses and extra carpool lanes. federal officials are looking into whether asiana airlines fulfilled its legal obligations to passengers and family following the crash of flight 214 back in july. 3 people died, dozens were hurt at sfo. and the final and deciding race for america's cup at 1:15 on the bay today if the weather cooperates. the series tied up at 8-8 after two big wins by team oracle yesterday. they were down 7-1 and now it's all tied up at 8. traffic and weather coming up right after the break.
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good morning. well, they have cleared a stall now from the upper deck of the bay bridge. unfortunately, we're left with this. a big backup that's behind the pay gates. it is jammed solid through the maze. about 20 to 25 minutes just to get on the span. also, this is a new accident coming in. san jose, northbound 101 approaching alum rock avenue. it is blocking one lane and traffic is very backed up from 101 behind it. bart systemwide is on time with 58 trains all good to go. that's traffic. here's lawrence with the forecast. >> a lot of sunshine coming our way today. but the winds going to be kicking up. breezy already in spots especially out along the coastline. now those winds going to be gusty at times overlooking san jose. couple of clouds there in the distance. otherwise, numbers in the 40s and the 50s right now but by the afternoon these temperatures running well below the average low to mid-70s inland. we'll see 60s and 70s and windy conditions inside the bay and gusty winds toward the coastline. a little less wind tomorrow some warmer temperatures right into the weekend.
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i'm going to give you some names. you tell me if they were friends, peers, acquaintances, people you knew. janis joplin. >> we were like the first women to have tattoos. >> really. >> bad girl tattoos. babies come out with tattoos. >> this is genetic. >> right. >> what was her tattoo? what was your tattoo? >> i don't know. we weren't that friendly. >> what was yours. >> mine was -- what was mine. >> this is bad. you don't know what was your tattoo? >> no, no because i have a few. but i think my first one was on my butt. >> on your butt. >> and it said? >> hi sailor. >> she's so good. >> she's very bright. she's very bright and very quick. very entertaining. welcome back to "cbs this morning," everybody.
7:31 am
coming up in this half hour charlie and former vice president al gore talk about the environmental. we'll see what brought former president bill clinton by. plus it gives new meaning to change in the weather. lasers could be used to bring rain and divert lightning. for a story like that, we've got to talk to professor me cho kaku. he's in the green room. he he's going to explain why it's a real possibility and not far off. >> this week's performance by oracle team usa at merck's cup. they were about to lose. now they're battling back and the series is tied. >> the teams ride 72-foot-long catamarans with sails more than 130 feet tall. they raise a 10-mile course in san francisco bay. the finale is this afternoon and as bill whitaker report this is one of the closely fought cusp
7:32 am
in the history of the competition. >> few expected a comeback of this magnitude. >> americans are out in front. wow. >> on the brink of a week oracle team usa pulled out all the stops on tuesday. >> we have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: and soon the kiwis from new zealand were left in their wake. >> as they come to the line. the comeback is complete. >> reporter: with their seventh straight win the americans erased what had once been an 8-1 lead by emirates. >> we're going to keep the fire going today. mr. spithill he's burning up. >> reporter: this year's cup has delighted fans who have turned out in large numbers to watch the technologically advanced sailboats reach speeds of close to 50 miles an hour. jimmy spithill is the skipper of
7:33 am
oracle team usa. >> it keeps accelerating. it keeps ss growing and growing and growing. >> reporter: they were built specifically for this race. it litts the boat out of the water. the man largely responsibility for the new design is american sponsor larry ellison. charlie rose spoke to ellison about it before the sport of the cup. >> i thoink make this sport an economically viable sport we have to have fast modern boats. it has to be attractive to kids. >> it has to be risky. >> it has to look risky be a little bit risky. >> reporter: but with that risk comes tragedy. a sailor died and team usa flipped its boat last fall. there are also complainted that the price tags of the new boats
7:34 am
which cost more than $100 million to build and maintain have built a sport that excludes most. >> this is not your grandfather's american cup. >> reporter: for knows those plans have been placed on hold. this has been the longest finals in the cup's history. >> the most exciting day of all of our lives and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else. >> reporter: from "cbs this morning," bill whitaker los angeles. >> i still don't know the toons your question. what have they done to come back from an 8-1 deficit to tie the series up. >> yeah. i mean it's an incredible comeback. you know larry el i sop. you talked to him. >> he deal anything to win. >> you know he will. it's a billionaire sport and he's very competitive. bill clinton was not expected to show up as a session with his former vice president al gore. they have rarely been seen
7:35 am
together since leaving office in 2001. but the three of us held an improm impromptu session yesterday talking about energy issues and climate change. >> where are we going to sit? >> why don't you sit in the middle. i still remember the v.p. gig. >> all right. so how did this happen? you were just backstage and say hello? >> i didn't think al was going to come. them he had to come to new york and he comes by. then he had this interview with you and then we started talking about climate change and this u.n. report that's coming up in a if days. >> it took you, charlie, to get us to sit down jointly. >> i'll take that credit if you'll give it to me. >> he's a better politician than i am. we do talk a lot. >> about everything. >> mm-hmm. but especially about all this energy business. first of all, when i can't
7:36 am
figure out what's going on, i call him and he explains it to me. >> i try. i understand. >> and then i just kind of go around trying to figure out how to put together probablies that will work. but it's a fascinating issue. you know i still believe that we're going to do the right thing before calamity hits the earth, but we're pushing it. >> when people feel and understand these extreme weather events they're way more common and way more severe than they used to be. and even people who don't want to get into a discussion about global warming are looking and noticing and saying hey, we've got to do something about this. >> what's interesting about this, you and i would both like to sit there with these two guys and talk about politics talk about life after the presidency and the respected ways and directions their career has taken. this is the first time al gore has said to me they sat on the
7:37 am
same stage in ten years. >> incredible. as we know there was a lot of tension when they left the office and al gore lost. >> he said the president didn't do much. >> no doubt. it was extraordinary to see them. how about al gore he looks like he lost a lot of weight. >> he looks good. and he's funny, what he said there. all the things they could talk about. this was specifically to the environment. still don't know why the president wanted to come out. but he did. i had one minute's notice to say the president would like to come out. all the questions you want to ask, you think, god, maybe another time. >> maybe another session. they were talking climate change yesterday and now we're learning that scientists and researchers are looking at how to change the weather on purpose. that's right. laser, now could one day manipulate rain and lightning. cbs contributor michio kaku is a
7:38 am
professor. nice to see you. extraordinary seeing bill clinton and al gore. >> it was. >> lasers really to change the weather? >> that's right. as mark twain famously said everyone complains about the weather but no one does anything about it. well instead of doing a rain darngs we physicists are fire ging lasers into the sky to actually bring down lightning bolts. >> but this is experimental. >> it's experimental, however, in the laboratory so far it works. when you have water vapor and dust particles or ice crystals you can precipitate rain. it condenses around the seeds. these seeds can also be created by laser beams. you rip apart electronicslek ee electrons.
7:39 am
>> this fascinates me because in part i remember reading stories that china used this during the olympics, that ussr used it after chernobyl to create rain clouds. do those really work then? they have some capabilities now? inconclusive. even in the '60s they used it to bring down monsoons during the vietnam war to wash out the vietnam vietnam cong. >> alleged to. >> lajed to. nothing con cluesive. this time we're bringing in the laws of physics rather than waving our hands and whispering mum beau jumbo. in the laboratory sure enough they precipitate rain out of water vapor. sure enough you can bring electricity down the beam. >> what does it mean for drought areas that need to have rain for crops and if they don't have them, the consequences are
7:40 am
famine? >> the bad news is if it's a clear blue sky, it's not going to do anything at all. it already takes water vapor in the air and condenses it. however, for floods for agriculture, for farmers, for people planning wedding parties, football game you name it. outdoor events and agriculture and flooding and eve hurricanes all of them could be subject to weather modification. >> incredibly interesting. professor michio kaku. thank you so much. and some are calling new burger king french fridays across america people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®.
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it's a concealer it's a primer, it has sunscreen... i love it. and it's really quick. that is very helpful, for me.
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premier fighter jets f-16 being
7:45 am
flown by remote control. it does all of the moo nuvs. they can train against them and even shoot them down. >> i love f-16s. did i tell you i've been in one? >> no. >> i went seven gs once. it's the ride of my life. all right. we told you burger king's answer to fattening french fries. they are launching satisfries. it could be a sign the nation's fast food chains are scrambling to answer demanding for healthier alternatives. michael moss is an investigator of "new york times" and also the author of "salt, sugar fat," how the food giants hook us. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> this is getting a lot of attention. this is a smart business move by burger king, right? >> absolutely. although the name itself i don't
7:46 am
know if i'm going to be standing in line asking for that. it is a smart move in that they're practicing the fine art of line extension, coming out with a new product. good for their bottom line maybe. questionable what it's going to do for our waistlines. >> because you think even though there's a reduction of 30% of the fat they're still quite unhealthy? >> the problem is health officials will tell you it may give you permission to overeat. you drink diet soda and you think it acts as a profill lack it is against cal roys and you get an extra large muffin. it's not a taste. it's a sensation, that warm gooey toasted cheese sandwich sensation goes right to the pleasure sensation. >> is that why we like bacon?
7:47 am
>> yes. bacon and cheese. that's the number one source of american fat in diet. >> i always say only in moderation. >> this is a joke. have a joke about this. >> yeah yeah yeah. >> because charlie doesn't mean in moderation and i say everything is fine in moderation. >> is it okay to occasionally have bacon -- >> i have two boys 9 and 14. we're all about moderation too. >> it's okay. >> the issue is controlling the food rather than have plenty of wind around the bay area a little breezy to start with but some gusty winds throughout the middle of the day and the afternoon especially out toward the golden gate there and along the coastline. nice and clear around the skies right now. looks like an area of low pressure passing just to our north. we'll stay on the dry side.
7:48 am
but the winds will be kicking up outside. temperature-wise, lots of 70s in the valleys, 60s and 70s inside the bay and 60s and windy toward the coast. should be warmer with less wind down below tomorrow. warmer over the weekend. the muppets already took manhattan ther they're making the nation's capital home. we'll talk with jim henson's daughter about the big move. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." ♪ mine was earned in djibouti africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members,
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7:58 am
coming downright now if you are traveling southbound 880. it looks like it's from hayward to union city. we had an earlier stall. it since cleared but traffic is backed up there and it's also starting to get busy on 92 westbound as you approach the san mateo bridge toll plaza. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza commute. it is stacked up into the maze this morning. also there is a new crash on the eastshore freeway. that's why you see those delays there at the bottom of your screen the accident approaching san pablo. it is blocking one lane. and the commute is nearly 50 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. that is traffic. here's lawrence. >> all right. a lot of sunshine outside right now. and going to see sun all day long. it's the winds we're worried about. they will start to whip around just a bit. out the door now kind of a neat shot there with the sun on the lens. looking at mostly sunny skies in the bay area, temperatures in the 50s now breezy to start the day but by the afternoon getting windy at the coastline and through the golden gate. plan on 60s and 70s all around the bay area today. tomorrow, looking like a little warmer in fact warmer into the weekend.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to you. it's 8:00 in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ted cruz is leading one of the longest one-man debates in senate history but he's not expected to win this fight over obamacare. iran's new president has no time for president obama at the u.n. was it a deliberate snub or one of those things? a new report says it might be good for parents to argue in front of their kids. it might be healthy. first here's a look at today's eye opener @ 8:00. >> this is now the longest speech in history and it's still going. >> ted cruz wants the senate to
8:01 am
follow the house and cut off funds for president obama's health care law. >> i will confess as we sit here i'm a little bit tired. >> the white house says it sees the best chance for a diplomatic opening with iran in years, and the obama administration will make nuclear negotiations a prime focus. >> there's a sense of leaf here in nairobi but they're also in a state of shock as they're coming to terms with the events that unfolded over the past four days. team usa roars back to life at the america's cup. >> we are all even. it will be winner take all. >> we physicists truly want lasers into the sky to actually precipitate rain clouds. this is potentially a game changer. >> where are you going to sit? >> wherever you like. >> why don't you sit in the middle? i still remember the vp gig. >> the united nations in which there was a snub or a failure to shake a hand. >> hard to say. you and i may have had this kind of situation. i know norah has where you've
8:02 am
had a suitor that was overly aggressive. ♪ i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the senate votes today on a bill to keep the government running. later this week democrats are expected to strip out a provision that would defund president obama's health care law despite an all-night plea by senator ted cruz. >> many of his fellow republicans say the texas senator is hurting the gop. a poll out this morning shows that 70% of americans do not think that republicans are trying to work with the president. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. nancy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, gayle, norah and charlie. privately there are many senate republicans who are fuming over this move. they think he's grandstanding. they fear that any move that looks like it will delay government funding could backfire on them. senator cruz says he is aware of the criticism and isn't bothered
8:03 am
by it. >> the senate from texas, cruz took to the floor ditching his trademark cowboy boots in favor of more comfortable black sneakers. >> i intend to speak in support of defunding obama care until i'm no longer able to stand. >> reporter: as the hours have worn on he's detailed his concerns. >> it is forcing so many americans into part-time work. the most egregious parts of obama care have not kicked in yet. this law is a train wreck. >> reporter: in a poll three-quarters of americans, republicans and democrats, say threatening a government shutdown is not a way to negotiate. as the speech wound into the night, cruz did veer off topic once in a while. >> when your dad's making pancakes, it is very cool when he can flip them and make them do a flip high in the air and catch them. >> reporter: at one point he read two bedtime stories for his two young daughters watching on c-span. >> i do not like green eggs and
8:04 am
ham, i do not like them sam i am. >> reporter: so far senator cruz has quoted extensively from "duck dynasty," he's referenced "60 minutes," he's talked about "star wars" but always broltught it back to health care reform. in the 20th hour of his speech he's still going strong. >> president obama is back at the white house this morning after delivering a speech to the u.n. general assembly on tuesday. the president opened the door for improved relations with iran, but several attempts to reach out to iran's president did not materialize. there was talk that the two might shake hands at a luncheon but hassan rouhani did not attend. he later declined to have the two meet for just a few minutes. the government is now showing us the price of insurance under the health care law. the new estimates apply to federal health exchanges in 36 states. the so-called bronze plan would
8:05 am
cost an average of $163 a month for a 27-year-old nonsmoker. silver plan with broader coverage would average $203. the most expensive gold plan runs $240 a month. gas prices continuing to go down. according to aaa this morning the price of regular unleaded gas averages $3.45 a gallon that's down 6 cents from last week and 36 cents from last year. the chief oil analyst for gas joins us at the table. good to see you especially when you have news like this. >> it is good news. >> why is it happening? >> on a couple of reasons. one is the price of crude has backed down. i mean we are getting these efforts from the president, mr. ruin rouhani. our refineries are running at the highest rates of the year.
8:06 am
and we've got an aging population that's driving less and turning over the car fleet faster than ever. >> i think that's a fabulous and very interesting story that u.s. oil production is up so much about how much we're producing our own energy. are we becoming less dependent? >> we are becoming less dependent. in a way you can call ben bernanke the accidental architect on this. low interest rates have kept oil prices relatively high so there's a lot of exploration production. you can guarantee a high price five years from now. on the other hand, low interest rates are leading to more people buying vehicles. vehicle sales are as high as they've been in a generation. the new cars are getting 25 miles to the gallon even though you watch nfl games and you can see the trucks. >> how low can it go? >> i think we'll go lower than last year which was $3.21 for the year. an awful lot of states will be able to buy less than $3.
8:07 am
if you use a gas buddy app you can buy it for less than $3 in a dozen states right now. if you aggressively look you can do about 25 cents better. >> go ahead, go ahead. >> over the long run natural gas will be a huge contributor to all this? >> natural gas is a huge contributor to the refining renaissance. refineries use natural gas and our price is one-third or one-fourth the price across the globe. that's one of the reasons why we can manufacture products like gasoline and diesel much cheaper than everybody else. >> but they can be used for other sources and therefore have an impact? >> we'll probably see natural gas used for a lot of long haul trucks in the next decade. >> amazon ceo jeff bezos is introducing a new kindle tablet. it is three times faster than
8:08 am
previous models comes with sharper, more colorful displays. when bezos sat down with us we wanted to know more about his acquisition of "the washington post." it is losing ad revenue and subscribers. >> what's happening here is the internet has changed so many things that there's going to have to be a long period of experimentation, trial and error, which includes failure. and you have to be willing to try and fail. i believe that as this continues to develop, there's going to be a whole new golden age for journalism, and i'm excited about that. i'm very optimistic about it. >> jeff bezos paid $250 million for the paper. jim henson's magical world of muppets are now residing in the nation's capital. those characters will be part of a new exhibit. jan crawford is at the smithsonian's exhibit of american history. could it be true miss piggy and
8:09 am
kermit back together? >> miss piggy is in washington getting ready to be reunited with her old pal kermit. when you see these characters up close, they look real like they're getting ready to start talking. pick up that glass, kermit. all part of the brilliance of the late jim henson. >> like a dream come true. >> they're some of the most beloved characters in television history. bert and ernie. the keek monster. and, of course the indomitable miss piggy. >> the star is not angry. she is merely disappointed. >> reporter: now you can say the gang is back together. preserved forever at the smithsonian's museum of american history. >> thank you. now they belong to the nation. >> reporter: on tuesday, the family of jim henson the creative genius behind the muppets, donated 21 of their father's puppets. lonnie erickson designed miss
8:10 am
piggy. >> she's a truck driver who believes she's a fashion model. >> reporter: henson's characters are cultural icons, embracing chelsea clinton tuesday in new york doing interviews with bob schieffer. >> are you the reporter or? >> no. >> reporter: and of course with the man who talks to anyone who's anyone charlie rose. brian j. jones, author of a new biography of henson explains their appeal. >> his work has sort of transcended generations. i think because it's so warm it's so genuine. there's nothing mean spirited about the municipal ets. >> reporter: another thing, you almost forget they're not real. cheryl henson says that's why kermit is her favorite because he was so much like her father. >> a little whimsical, a little judgmental a little melancholy a little trying to hold it all together. >> reporter: she even referred to a specific scene from the first muppet movie. >> i've got a dream, too.
8:11 am
>> out in the old western town. like i've got a dream, and i'm going to make people happy by singing and dancing. i feel like that really was my dad. ♪ this is what we call the muppet show ♪ ♪ >> reporter: so system of us feel like we grew up with these characters. so i asked cheryl henson what was it like to really grow up with them as a child? >> it wasn't like we were playing with the puppets. they weren't just laying around the house. her dad was this warm funny, brilliant guy, but he was serious about his work and that magic he was creating. charlie, norah, gayle. >> who is your favorite muppets character? >> miss piggy. >> mine too. >> oscar or gonzo? >> i just love an attitude. >> i would have loved to see the interview, charlie, with you talking to the muppets.
8:12 am
that was very nice. were you nervous? >> of course. you know the interesting thing is they said the key point, you have to imagine they're real. if you do that then it's some advocates call vitamin d a miracle vitamin. we'll look at new research on what it means for your bone health. that's next on "cbs this morning."
8:13 am
♪ ♪ nothing says, "i'm happy to see you too," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ ♪ say it with milk-bone.
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google, what is glossophobia? glossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ i intend to speak in support ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪
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8:16 am
in our morning rounds two important studies about bone health. one looks at vitamin d and the other looks an bone scans. some 9 million have osteobrother sis and others are affected. let's start with that old
8:17 am
vitamin d. >> vitamin d is just the new black. it's in the news every single day for something, but today this study looked specifically at whether very high dose of vitamin d supplements could prevent osteoporosis, one in particular, bone turnover or bone destruction. what they found is vitamin d supplements taken alone didn't help at auchlt taken with calcium helped and calcium alone helped but taken alone it does not strengthen the bones. >> is vitamin d the new miracle vitamin? >> it's hard to argue that because it's been linked to everything else, but in this context, it's not the only answer. along with calcium it can help our bones. >> where do you get in natural foods. >> it's found in fortified milk eggs, fish everywhere.
8:18 am
calcium too. in my practice i recommend women take a supplement because in reality we don't always get all we need from our diet. we should, but days happen when we just don't. >> yeah. you describe it as a new black and black goes with everything. can there be too much of a good thing taking vitamin d? >> yes, there absolutely can. very high dose vitamin d are recommended against. and calcium, too, has been linked to an increase in heart attacks. you have to go over with your doctor about what your specific needs are. >> is there something we should be taking every day? should we be taking it every day? sniet really depends on the individual. i can't say yes or no. i personally take a vitamin d and calcium every day and a fish oil, but it depends on the person. if you eat very well you absolutely don't need a supplement. nobody needs a supplement if
8:19 am
you're eating well. >> okay. dr. holly phillips you're supposed to tell us about the frequency of bone scans. >> you don't need to take scans as frequently as you thought. most are having them between two and four years. less is more. before you go for your routine, make sure you really need it. >> thank you. parents are getting new advice this morning. it could be okay to argue in front of your kids but certain kind of arguing. that's ahead. tomorrow a big day. former first lady laura bush will be here. she'll tell us about life after washington along with women forrk for education and women's rights. that's tomorrow on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by coffee-mate. coffee's perfect mate.
8:20 am
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8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
released its plan if the unions go on strike october 11th. good morning, everyone. it's 8:25. i'm frank mallicoat. take a look at some bay area headlines now. bart has released its plan if the union goes on strike october 11. according to the "mercury news," the transit agency is planning for more buses, extra carpool lanes and possibly extra trains too. in a first-of-its-kind investigation federal officials are looking into whether asiana airlines fulfilled its legal obligations to passengers and families following the crash of flight 214 in july at sfo. three people died, dozens injured. america might still win the america's cup believe it or not. defending champ oracle team usa overcame a wild start to tie the series in a comeback. weather permitting, both teams
8:26 am
hit the water for a winner-take- all one race today at 1:15 right here on the bay. traffic and weather coming up right after the break.
8:27 am
good morning. we got a couple of hot spots out there right now including coming along the peninsula. northbound 101 by grand, in south san francisco we had an accident just cleared but you can see it's slow going. actually northbound 101 and
8:28 am
southbound 280 backed up. also a couple of other accidents this one in the east bay. westbound 80 approaching mcbride also cleared from the right-hand shoulder. traffic delayed from hercules. and another accident westbound 4 approaching 242. an accident there again cleared to the right-hand shoulder. but we are seeing delays from concord and then even past the accident scene southbound 242 very delayed approaching walnut creek. that is traffic. for your latest forecast, here's lawrence. >> a lot of sunshine coming our way today. it looks like we are going to see those winds kicking up a little breezy in spots out the door. looking toward the financial district over the bay sunshine there and seeing sunshine all day long but the winds likely to make for some whitecaps out there on the bay. looks like it will be windy today again. the rain is staying to the north. then high pressure begins to slide in over the bay area. temperatures should warm up a notch today well below average 60s and 70s for highs. tomorrow 80s. warmer over the weekend.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, he's the king of the jungle at the columbus zoo. you've seen jack hanna on tv for years. now he's mark 30g years on the job. you'll learn the surprising reason why he took on this amazing life and why he might have saved the zoo. he'll tell about the committee rise in his new film. that's ahead. >> i love him. right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" looking at 24 men and women receiving macarthur foundation genius awarding today. they're being recognized with a grant of $625,000 each. among the recipients dancer and
8:31 am
choreographer, kyle abraham, fiction writer and. >> "the "sacramento bee"" jerry browns signs. >> "the moscow times" says anti-gay call on authorities to ban elton johner's got talent. why do we care. my name is miss kettle. people.
8:32 am
>> i was not surprised it was coming. >> because we all know each other well and it's disgusting. >> which you should do with your kids probably too. >> yes. "usa today" says jeff daniels started filming the sequel to "dumb and dumber." he tweeted a selfy with jim carrey. look at those two. he tweeted, we're back. >> "daily mail" reports a new born circuits to the wave. researchers say it's a natural biological reaction. >> it is a good smell. baby smell. when it comes to arguing with your sense, conventional wisdom says never, ever ever do it in front of your kids but a new article in the watt streel journalist says it may help people later in life.
8:33 am
good morning do you both. andrea we're going to start with you because this goes against everything that most of us have been told. how do arguments help? >> basically every person is going to have disagreements in their life and what child psychologists i talked to said is that you know it's better to be able to model constructive conflict. that's a real gift you can take to your kids. >> isn't it hard to expect rational behavior in an irrational moment. sometimes you're so amped up it's hard to be rational. >> absolutely. they say because it's so difficult you want to keep it behind closed doors. but the key is really -- okay if you're going to argue, how can you do it in a healthy way that does sort of give these skills but doesn't traumatize them because there's our research that says toxic arguments can be very damaging and lead to anxiety, depression
8:34 am
and behavior problems. >> in fact doctor the research is very clear about that. there's effects on children's brains, even infants. you can see changes in their brain. >> even while they're sleeping. >> yes. >> so the thing that's really important is that high conflict arguments are bad for kids. you don't want your kids to see you're not on a united front. even kids are easy. moms easy, i'm going to ask that. dad's hard. they don't want that. they want parents to be bonded. the problem with fighting constructively is it can get hot very quickly so some of the expert suggested a five-minute rule or if you get to the five on a ten scale, that's bad. i have to tell you, when i fought wi my -- when i still fight with my wife i don't know when i'm at five. >> maybe you're at five and
8:35 am
she's at seven. >> it's a bad idea, especially when there's an audience. the other thing you have to know is if your kids are there, very often if there's boys in the room, it isescalates and that's bad for them and you. >> the other thing i like about your piece, andrea it's not good to fight in front of your kid bus if you can have a healthy disagreement with a positive outcome that that is a foundation for life and i've seen this in my kids' school, conflict among kids. that is undervalued. >> the thing is i talked to several parents that because of the way their own parents fought or didn't fight, some who never fought at all, they felt twlal ill-equipped and found them very conflict aversed and not been able to handle conflicts so they vowed to do things differently with their children, and that means try to fight in a healthy way. >> i think the teachable moment might be that if parents know it's getting too uncomfortable
8:36 am
either parent can call for a time-out. and that's a good thought. we'll discuss this later or get back to it. the other thing is what is the reaction your kid has. if he starts to cry, looks scared, more irritable or seems to be really becoming anxious, that's the signal, the red flag let's stop this discussion right now and we'll come back to it wchl'll tell you your decision afterward. >> it was interesting for me. obviously if your child is crying that's a no-brainer but other sorts of cues are a little bit more subtle. the kid freezes or doesn't move for a few minutes or thufrps overed on they try to assert themselves in the argument try to mediate it or just disbehave themselves to try to divert the attention away. >> there's a fundamental point here that it's important to be able to argue and differ over issues because there's always conflict in life among everyone.
8:37 am
without insults and just -- >> to do it with respect. >> to do it with respect in a genuine way. >> and to remember they're always listening. i was surprised when you said kids can hear you even when they're sleeping. kids like they're not listening and they're colorinut they're really paying attention that that's how this article came to be. i had a 4 1/2-year-old daughter and i was grabbling with this in my own marriage and my husband and i have tried to remove ourselves from -- we were arguing about something in the kitchen. it wasn't getting very heated but my daughter was playing with her dolls in another room and after it was all over she said daddy, when mommy said she didn't do something, she didn't do something. we looked at each other like, oh, my gosh i didn't know she heard any of this. >> we'd love to have you back and do the flip side of this and the importance of showing affection toward one another in front of your children.
8:38 am
the positive concern on this. thank you very much for being here. talking about fabulous jack hanna opened a pet shop soon after college but he always wanted to work at a zoo. that dream turned him into a star and now he's marking a milestone. chip reid shows us why he's more than just a familiar face on late-night tv. >> have you ever seen one of these before? >> no, i haven't. no, no honest to god. >> you probably don't even know what this is. >> it's a new york city rat. >> no. >> with his wild-like antics with david over the last 24 years. >> it's like popcorn. i'll hold his head. ow. >> you may not know that hannah is hanna is a world-renowned.
8:39 am
>> people are going dom here and think you're in africa. >> reporter: he came to columbus in 1978 out of desperation. his 2-year-old daughter had childhood leukemia. >> i didn't come here for the zhao. i came here because she had cancer. can you imagine? this is beyond luck. >> reporter: he decided to make columbus home and to dedicate himself to transforming the tiny run-down zoo into one of the best in the nation. >> you can see i love every minute of what i do and i try to instill that in employees here. f.u. f.u.n. everybody has fun. >> reporter: the zoo has grown from 80 acres to nearly 600, and number of visitors has soared from a few hundred thousand a year to 2.3 million. >> whoa. whoa.
8:40 am
ooh, that gave me chills. >> the polar bear habitat cost 4/million. to those animal activists who oppose locking them up, he said there's no better way to bring attention to the plight of the endangered species. >> unless all these folks you see standing here didn't have the opportunity to see the polar bear, why would they want to save the polar bear. look at the amaze mncht on their faces. kits, come here a minute. >> reporter: do you know who this is? >> jack hanna. >> reporter: jack hanna. you're exactly right. along the way they ask for autographs. >> that's what i love it it. he takes time to talk to everyone. he's not a superstar big shot.
8:41 am
>> have you ever walked a warthog? >> reporter: no. >> he has two tv shows and spends most of his time speaking and traveling, looking around the world. a simple philosophy that's worked for jack hanna for 35 years. chib reed 35 years. >> we like him that and we like bill hader too. he's here in studio 57. he's coming back to the big screen this week. hello, bill hader. >> hi. >> are you coming
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
when i first met bono he walked into the oval office and actually i thought it was a member of his own road crew. he wasn't really dressed right. actually i felt like the rock star on that occasion. >> nicely done bono. that was day one, the clinton global initiative featured a surprise performance by bono. he stepped in when clinton had to leave the stage for his notes. he knows something about that. so do you, bill hader. this is something i hear about you. no pressure. haier haier you do a very decent charlie rose. >> yeah. i did it on your show. he has two speeds. when he starts the show hi everybody. welcome to the show. and then he goes to now what do you do.
8:45 am
talk to me. very simple questions but they're like -- i watched my tirn view back and i'm kind of going look -- it's hypnotic. now how do you talk to somebody. how do i talk to somebody? i don't know. >> bill nicely done. >> you did it on "breaking back." walter was doing the same thing. that is charlie rose. >> that's so good. that was great, man. i could see how excited you were that you got to say "walter." will you try to do walter? and i'm like whoo. charlie may get shocked. >> no not that. you made walter wade mad. >> bill hader, aren't you going to miss this kind of humor?
8:46 am
this saturday will be the premiere of "saturday night live." this will be the first time you will not be there when they say "live from new york it's "saturday night live." are you feeling a little ping about that or will you be watching? >> now i'll be watching. it's funny. it's seth myer's wedding in a couple of weeks. now i'm like a finance. what are you guys going to be doing this year. now i'm back to the way i was before i got the show. >> will you miss it? >> yeah, yeah i will miss it. >> but you were ready. >> yeah, yeah yeah. i was -- it was -- eight years is a long time. but i loved being on the show. the new people they have i've been watching all their stuff online. the new people are just fantastic. so i think it's going to be good. >> what are you going to miss the most? >> you know what? imitating charlie rose. no kristen wiig and i would call
8:47 am
it friday night crazies, because you'd be up monday. basically you don't sleep all week and friday night during rehearsal we would get really loopy and a lot of great stuff would come out of those. the character i did -- >> jim carville. >> we were just talking about it. that's my very first show. very first moment on the show. >> i heard you don't like to watch yourself. >> no. i'm hating this right now. >> why don't you -- i don't like watching myself whiechl don't you like watching yourself? i legal like when i watch myself, i feel like why does my face look like that and why do i sound like that and you don't want to like get in your head when you're -- you don't want to be performing and going, oh my face is doing this thing again you know. you just want to be out of your head. >> you don't want to be self conscious conscious. >> yeah, yeah, and i'm very self-conscious. >> you have a new movie coming out. "cloudy with the meatballs."
8:48 am
>> "cloudy with the meatballs." >> "cloudy with a chance of meatballs." >> i like that better. "cloud with with meatballs." part 2. there was no part 1. we're going straight to the sequel. >> this is what the director said about you. you brought stuff to the line he never said. crazy shrieks and yells, you have have an earnest heart and you were silly and energetic. >> no. it means i'm tired. no. it's fun playing clint lockwood. it's very weird. you do it and you're in a booth by yourself. you're not interacting with anybody. yeah, there i am just screaming, screaming for four hours. but it's a lot of fun and i think -- what i like about this movie is the first movie was it had a very irreverent sense of humor and a lot of times when do you these animated movies you
8:49 am
can't have that, a sense of sensibility. in this one you can. >> i'm scared to ask a question. >> i'm anxious to ask a question. how do you -- >> when meatballs are thrown from the sky, what do you do? >> i knew it was coming. >> you stamped him. >> how do you know --when it's time to go? >> this is the coolest thing ever. how do i know it's time to leave? leave "snl"? >> yeah. >> i don't know. >> stay it in your stefan voice character. i love him. >> thanks. the guy who i based stuff on, i don't know his name but he works at a coffee shop in chelsea, and i went in that coffee shop and he wasn't in
8:50 am
there. i was like i wanted to go in there. its like my last week on "snl" and i wanted to say, hey, i just- wanted to say thanks. i think it's because you know i have like a family and i have two kids and my wife is a writer/director, and we're continuen kohn standly going out to l.a. and stuff and i think, oh it's time to go. >> there's maggie. >> >> close it off. you have to do stefan. wrapping up this edition -- >> if you're going to -- i'll say my favorite quote. new york's hottest club is -- your mother and i are separating. >> say we'll be right back in stefan. >> we'll be right back with charlie rose, my dad.
8:51 am
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headlines... america might still win th your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. get you updated on kpix 5 headlines here around the bay area now. america might still win the america's cup. defending champ team oracle overcame a wild start two collisions tuesday to win both races yesterday. today's winner-take-all race will happen this afternoon weather permitting. dwight a comeback for the u.s. as to. a safeway manager is attacked. everyone at the san leandro safeway knows the manager as mo. he is in intensive care after a man in the store sucker punched him on monday morning. san leandro police hope someone recognizes the suspect from the surveillance video. a santa clara high school math teacher is under arrest
8:56 am
for allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old. hugo cortes guzman was booked yesterday on multiple counts of unlawful sex with a minor. he is on a leave of absence. how about your forecast? check in with lawrence with more. >> frank, low pressure passing to our north. the winds are picking up already. a little breezy in spots early on. by the afternoon getting windy toward the coastline and inside the bay. how about that? over the bay waters right now you see the flags blowing a little over the ferry building. but we are expecting that low to kick on out of town by tomorrow. that means high pressure going to build in. temperatures going to warm up. today well below average. some 60s and some 70s for a high. by tomorrow, looks like some warmer weather on the way. looks like a beautiful fall weekend with plenty of sunshine. nice into next week. your "timesaver traffic" coming up next.
8:57 am
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good morning. another check of the san mateo bridge. obviously it's slow out of hayward towards foster city. and that flashing sign is the high wind advisory still in effect issued by chp overnight. here's a live look in the east bay the nimitz freeway northbound 880 slow-and-go from 238 to your downtown oakland exit. so that drive is still over a half hour. and the bay bridge it is backed up into the macarthur maze. and the eastshore freeway commute very heavy traffic from richmond.
8:59 am
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